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United States
Hi! I'm Rose/Nick.
I like to draw my characters (most of which are dogs!)
I like Coldplay, fun., Imagine Dragons, Bastille, Taylor Swift, and a whole bunch of other music!
I'm not a furry :^/
I draw something called "Star Forest" which is my original story (which I'd like to someday write/animate)
My friends are Hannah ( :iconnearly-missed: ), Ruby, and my best friend Trevor (commonly referred to as the boy on my deviantart, haha)
I'm an aromantic asexual.
I might be genderfluid (but idk yet, still very confusing)
i'm going to guard in like 10 minutes What The Fuck I'm so excited


i'm going to guard in like 10 minutes What The Fuck I'm so excited
have u ever been curious about me? probably not but fuck it anyway
in this journal we learn many secrets about rose, from her favorite food to details on her love life
ooooo mysterious

---------~ × ~ A L L A B O U T | M E ~ × ~-------------

Name: Rose
Single or taken: Single and ready to cry

Gender: girl

Birthday: May 1

Sign: taurus

Hair colour: Blondeish

Eye colour: Blu

Height:  I don't heckin know just really short

Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: Asexual


--------------~ × ~ S P E C I F I C S ~ × ~ -------------------


What kind of shampoo do you use right now?: ??? who asks these things

What are you listening to right now: Cuddle Weather 8tracks playlist bc I'm sad and lonely ((listen here >… ))

Who is the last person that called you?: my best friends mother. hm

How many buddies are online right now?: like 2


-------------~ × ~ F A V O R I T E S ~ × ~-----------------


Foods: spaghetti i suppose
Girls names: Crystal, Tanis

Boys names: oooo idk man I always liked Logan and Cody and niall as of now hehehe
Subjects in school: I'm down for english and german even tho i don't take german yet


----------------~ × ~ H A V E | Y O U | E V E R ~ × ~-------------


Given anyone a bath?: nah

Smoked?: nah

Bungee jumped?: nah son
Made yourself throw up?: nooo

Skinny dipped?: heh

Ever been in love?: yeah it's very troublesome and i could go on for hours about it

Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: my main method p much

Pictured your crush naked?: i think there was a specific situation where it was inevitable that i envision it so like ,

Actually seen your crush naked?: heh /no

Cried when someone died?: yes

Lied: clearly

Fallen for your best friend?: ah yes

Rejected someone?: yep

Used someone?: i consider myself too good for ONLY using someone but maybe i did idk

Done something you regret?: breathe


------------~ × ~ C U R R E N T ~ × ~---------------


Clothes: sweater weather

Smell: apparently i smell like dog and self hate which sounds pp accurate

Desktop picture: just a wintery thing

Cd in player: one direction's four //i'm not even sorry

DVD in player: Bambi II //i cried


----------------~ × ~ L A S T | P E R S O N ~ × ~----------------------


You touched: well my dog but aside from that uhhh kiki

Hugged: my best friend but he rejected me

You IMed: lex

You yelled at: myself

You kissed: heh. heheh. 


---------------~ × ~ A R E | Y O U ~ × ~---------------------


Understanding: varies

Open-minded: idk man

Arrogant: id k man

Insecure: beyond belief

Random: i mean i said "i'm sorry davinci but, not today" in science with no context so

Hungry: idk i guess a lil bit

Smart: nah

Moody: i have one mood and it is sadness

Hard working: i would consider myself as such

Organized: nah

Healthy: nah

Shy: yah

Difficult: extremely

Bored: nah

Obsessed: i asked for a cardboard cutout of a boy band member for christmas

Angry: me

Sad: yep,,

Happy: nah

Hyper: nah

Trusting: sure

The same gender as you are internally: yep


---------~ × ~ W H O | D O | Y O U | W A N N A ~ × ~--------


Kill?:  ...

Slap?: me

Get really wasted with?: best friend

Get high with: nah

Talk to offline: best friend

Talk to online: Nearly-Missed 

Sex it up with: heh. im asexual


------------------~ × ~ R A N D O M ~ × ~---------------------


In the morning I: regret things from the day before

Love is: incredibly hard to manage

I dream about: my friends hating me oops

Romantic preference: niall horan //IM KIDDING but i have someone else in mind, he's got brown hair and the nicest eyes and the biggest smile uvu

What do you notice first in the opposite sex you're into: smiles / lips i guess idk i'm too self conscious for eye contact. ALSO things they do with their hands basically


---------------~ × ~ W H I C H | I S | B E T T E R ~ × ---------------


Flowers or candy: flowersss

Tall or short: tall ppl kinda scare me but height differences in relatiosnhips get me

---------------~ × ~ W H O ~ × ~ ---------------


Makes you laugh the most: idk

Makes you smile: idkkk lots of people really

Gives you a funny feeling when you talk to them?: :?/ damn it


--------------~ × ~ D O | Y O U | E V E R ~ × ~-----------------


Find yourself thinking of the person you like for a long period of time?: when am i ever not thinking of him

Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to message you?: nah

Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: used to, not now haha

Wish you were younger: noooo

Cry because someone said something to you?: literally most days


-----------~ × ~ N U M B E R ~ × ~--------------


Of times I have had my heart broken: every fuckin time i look at his STUPID ASS FACE I BREAK A LIL INSIDE bc hen i remember,,, he dont like me

Of hearts I have broken: nahhh

Of guys I've kissed: like 1
Of girls I've kissed: like 1

Of CD's I own: like more than 1

Of scars on my body: Idk a couple ??? idk
Heaven Had An Angel by DayStarBreak
Heaven Had An Angel
...Who Was Meant To Go To Hell

i'm proud of my mais
i love her
idk why thats the title she's rly sweet and shouldnt go to hell pls

also in lupisvulpes style holla atcha gurl
Woot by DayStarBreak
also found on my evercon account
... I guess.

A bit of a rant/vent here coming... skip if you're not into that emotional teenage girl junk...

I get this weird way around my close friends, where it's like if you try to connect with them I'm not aggressive and I'm normally like hey, yeah !!, but inside I'm definitely a bit of an angry little brat.
Today was really fun, I hung out with 2 of my 3 closest friends! It was super duper great, and I loved it.
But then, I take into account the little stuff. 
A problem with me is this exact thing: I overthink so much I get stressed over what normally is nothing.
I mean, me and my best friend are very close and all, but sometimes I get incredibly worried over little things and think maybe he doesn't wanna be my best friend. Perhaps it's all in theory, but there's little details.
I mean, when he's talking to me online, he's videochatting his other friends... and I'm just always fearful of them saying bad stuff behind my back, idk. Or tonight, he told me he couldn't get online, but nearly 10 minutes later everyones videochatting and he's there too, and it's like... did he want to avoid me? Sigh.
It's like that scene in a movie where the person finally gets the nerve to invite someone somewhere, and it's like "Can I bring my friends too?" like... it's a kinda harsh reminder of the reality, yanno? Yeah. I guess.
Late night stress.

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