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United States
Hi! I'm Rose/Nick.
I like to draw my characters (most of which are dogs!)
I like Coldplay, fun., Imagine Dragons, Bastille, Taylor Swift, and a whole bunch of other music!
I'm not a furry :^/
I draw something called "Star Forest" which is my original story (which I'd like to someday write/animate)
My friends are Hannah ( :iconnearly-missed: ), Ruby, and my best friend Trevor (commonly referred to as the boy on my deviantart, haha)
I'm an aromantic asexual.
I might be genderfluid (but idk yet, still very confusing)
For Mike Brown. 


Loyalty by DayStarBreak
The Native Symbol or Totem the Wolf represents loyalty, strong family ties, good communication, education, understanding and intelligence. Of all land animals the Wolf has the strongest supernatural powers and is the most accomplished hunter. The Wolf is a very social and communicative creature, he uses body movement, touch and sound. The First Nations had great respect for Wolves because of their alikeness. Both Natives and Wolves hunt, gather, defend and even educate their tribe or pack. The Wolf has always been respected as a very family oriented animal because he mates for life, watches and protects his young until they are old enough to be independent and protects the elders.
Evercon is from a Native American heritage, so if he were to be human-ified he'd probably be, well... Native American! So I sketched him up. 
Yo Yo Yo
just a super dumb rough evercon walking cycle
i need more frames these r mostly just the keys but i like his far back leg animation it good i think
For Mike Brown. 
be calm. by DayStarBreak
be calm.
As I walk through the streets of my new city
My back feeling much better, I suppose
I've reclaimed the use of my imagination
For better or for worse, I've yet to know, but I
Always knew you'd be the one to understand me,
I guess that's why it took so long to get things right.
Suddenly I'm lost
On my street
On my block

Oh why, Oh why
Oh why haven't you been there for me?
Can't you see, I'm losing my mind this time?
This time I think it's for real, I can see

All the tree tops turning red
The beggars near bodegas grin at me
I think they want something
I close my eyes, I tell myself to breathe

And be calm.


be calm really hits me as a song for evercon. at least the one who comes to see me, not the one from star forest
he's really just a piece of me, but sometimes i feel bad for leaving him so out of things. poor kid

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